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Vuly Trampolines    ” You’ve Got To See It To Believe It!”

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A Revolutionary Trampoline!

  • No Coil Springs to Worry About
  • High Performance Bounce
  • Soft Edge Design
  • Experience the Best!

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A Classic Reborn – Coming Soon!

  • A Redesigned Backyard Favorite
  • Premium, Safe Dessign
  • Reversable Safety Pads
  • Experience the Vuly Design!

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Active Kids are Healthy Kids: Your Backyard – Their Adventure!

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AlleyOop Trampolines – Rated best overall for quality, performance and safety!

Choose your AlleyOop Trampoline Below!
Safety Net Included!

Get a free “try before you buy” play pass or Call Now: (513) 771-7529
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VariableBounce™ TrampolineAlley Oop Variable Bounce Trampoline

Not Your Average Trampoline!
Superior Performance & Bounce

Asynchronously Spring Design
Less stress, Better control
Patented Enclosure
Available in 12ft & 14ft diameters

Starting at $1299

MSRP: $1999 View VariableBounce™!

PowerBounce™ TrampolineAlley Oop Power Bounce Trampoline

Power + Safest Bounce
Better Performance

Adjustable for age and weight
and skill level!
Patented Enclosure
Available in 12ft & 14ft diameters

Starting at $1499

MSRP: $2199 View PowerBounce™!

DoubleBounce™ TrampolineAlley Oop Double Bounce Trampoline

Double the Safety,
Double the Fun!!!

Perfect for children of all ages!
Great Warranty
Patented Enclosure Available in 14ft diameter

Starting at $1999
MSRP: $2599 View DoubleBounce™!

Power DoubleBounce™ TrampolineAlley Oop Power Double Bounce Trampoline

Airshock Safety Zone
Shock Absorbing Bounce!

Safety & Performance
Wide performance spectrum
Patented Enclosure
Available in 14ft diameter

Starting at $2329
MSRP: $2999 View Power DoubleBounce™!

10′ x 17′ Rectangular TrampolineAlley Oop 10x17 Rectangular Trampoline

Variable Bounce
or Double Bounce

High Performance Springs
Low Impact Landings
Patented Enclosure
Great Warranty!
Complete Unitized Trampoline Systems
Gymnast’s Top Choice!

Starting at $2499

MSRP: $2999 View 10′x17′ Trampoline

Trampoline-Main2-TAK    Anchor Kit    We Highly recommend this anchor kit for most U.S. applications. $45.00 View More Accessories
JumpSport ProFlex    Basketball Set     The kids love this accessory!    Hoops and trampolines just     somehow go together.     Dunking is fun!$160.00 View More Accessories

Safe, High Performance Trampolines in Cincinnati,Ohio

Features and Advantages of AlleyOop Trampolines

  • AlleyOop Trampolines offer a double bounce design option- greatly reduce impact shock while also increasing performance
  • AlleyOOP trampolines are the most advanced trampolines on the market with its innovative bed, spring, and net enclosure design. The AlleyOOP trampoline is one of the best bouncing, and safest trampoline on the market today.
  • Double bounce design – Reduces impact shock while increasing bounce height.
  • Long lasting fall protection from high quality, sturdy, uv resistant nets (Safety Net Included) created to take thousands if impacts without losing their integrity.
  • Trampoline games like the basketball set and geometry games encourages safe, fun, and games – Encourage kids to get out and play while encouraging them to self-govern and “follow the rules”
  • Exercising- jumping on a trampoline is one of the best forms of Exercise strengthening the heart and enhances respiratory and circulatory efficiency. Not to mention that it is an extremely efficient way to burn calories<
  • Triple & Dual-Staged™ or Extra-Stretch™ Springs & Taller Frame Height (Safer, softer, deeper bounce = less stress on jumper so the springs absorb more energy = better return, higher bounce & improved safety for kids and adults)
  • Thick Trampoline Spring Pad for Safety: Our higher density closed cell foam is 1.5″ thick for AlleyOop from edge to edge and 1″ thick at the frame tapering to 1/2″ for JumpSport.
  • Jet Black Powder Coat, Heavy Duty Trampoline Frame
  • Quality Steel, heavy 14 gauge top rail for superior strength. Blends-in, looks attractive, 10yr frame warranty

Unique Features of AlleyOop Trampolines

  • Double bounce or variable-, Power-, Staged-, and softbounce patented Trampoline safety system
  • Engineered to improve shock absorption of the jumping surface & to smooth energy transfer between the jumper and the trampoline bed
  • JumpSport High Quality & Durability
  • Lower Maintenance Costs = Annual cost savings of over $100.00
  • 20% to 30% Better Bounce Performance than Steel Springs

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