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Swings-n-things is dedicated to providing Cincinnati kids and families with high quality out door play sets, trampolines, and basketball hoops.

In addition, Swings-n-thing’s co-located sister company, Run Jump-n-Play provides children with themed birthday parties and an amazing indoor playground open almost every day!

Swings-n-Things specializes in offering high quality products such as Goalrilla & Goalsetter Basketball Hoops, Vuly Trampolines, Rainbow Swing Sets and more.

Swings-n-Things is Ohio’s Premier Outdoor FunStore, located  in Blue Ash, Ohio. We are conveniently located off of the I-71 Pfeiffer Exit, right behind the Bob Evans!

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Professional Installation

Benefits of Professional Installation

Professional Installation is not a requirement but it is highly recommended.  Given the time, tools and some basic skills most do-it-yourselfers can successfully install any of our outdoor play equipment.  There are a few “tricks of the trade” to worry about, but most can be overcome or avoided with some common sense and occasional brute force!  Some points to consider about having us install your children's outdoor adventure:

  • We have dealer trained expert installers
  • We use of the best tools for the job
  • Our experience helps your peace of mind
  • Leveling and minor customizations might be necessary
  • Professional Installation results in safe outdoor play!

Specific Factors About The Installation of our Playsets,Trampolines and Basketball Hoops


Note: Expedition play sets are conveniently boxed for do-it-yourself assembly. Alternately, we can expertly install your play set for a low rate.  Retail associates at home improvement stores may not have an in-depth knowledge of play sets. Our experts work closely with you from start to finish, helping you choose the right spot in your yard, discussing ground cover options, aiding in the creation of the right play set for your family and budget, and answering all of your questions. All of our installers are dealer trained, insuring the highest standard of installation.

The Correct Installation

  • Survey the land to determine the safest location for install.
  • Torque bolts to the correct specs without over torquing and damaging the wood
  • Install the swing beam at the correct level and depending on if law has a slight slope
  • Add Safety/stability stakes to ensure the playset is secure to the ground
  • Build From Scratch takes along time

The Wrong Installation (common mistakes)

  • Realizing you installed the playset in the wrong location in your backyard
  • Damaging the wood by over torquing or mishandling
  • Realizing you installed the wrong piece of playset piece two hours into the project
  • Not installing all safety equipment (ie stability stakes etc.)

Tips for installing a playset


Note: The trampoline enclosure is only to be used as an enclosure for a trampoline of a size for which the enclosure

The Correct Installation

  • Dealer Trained
  • Proper Placement in Your Backyard (Overhead, Lateral and Ground Clearance)
  • Leveling if Required
  • Proper Anchoring if Required
  • Safety Enclosure Properly Installed (especially the doorway)
  • A little bit of safe play goes a long way

The Wrong Installation (Common Mistakes)

  • Installed too close to obstacles
  • Not Leveled Properly
  • Using the wrong tools (Especially the Thunder)
  • Not properly anchored
  • Safety Enclosure Not Wrapped Properly

Basketball Hoops

Note: Installing an inground basketball hoop is not difficult if you have the tools, time and strength to dig a 18 inch  diameter hole 42 inches deep and additionally able to hold approximately 750 pounds of concrete! We get the basketball hoop installed in just under two hours.  If this is your first hoop install probably give yourself more like four or five hours.  If you’re not handy or you don’t have the time to devote 4-5 hours, we’ll gladly do it for our industry standard fee of $399.  Depending on the time of year, we many times offer discounted installation or sometimes even free installation.  Check out our sales now.

The Correct Installation

  • Dealer Trained
  • Site survey for underground cables
  • Proper location for best court experience
  • Dig a hole deeper than freeze depth
  • Insure over 750 pounds of concrete is used for proper support
  • Installs the backboard overhang to spec but can also tailor backboard overhang  based on customers needs

The Wrong Installation (Common Mistakes)

  • not insuring underground lines are located
  • location wrong - doesnt maximize court availablity
  • not enough concrete used
  • not making sure the foundation is level before installing pole resulting in angled pole or countless hours trying to level the pole with spacers
  • Overhang distance not properly counted for.