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Boredom Busting Summer Activities for Kids Around Cincinnati

Kids Activities Around Cincinnati 2

Summer is here! And if you’re in the Cincinnati area and looking for kid friendly things to do, there’s no shortage of activities and adventures to keep boredom at bay all summer long. From playgrounds to parks, museums to festivals, there’s something your kids are bound to enjoy. Keep in mind this list is just the tip of the iceberg of fun things for kids to do in Cincinnati- so let’s dive in!

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Why Children Misbehave & How to Deal with It

Why children misbehave and how to deal with it.

Why Children Misbehave and How to Deal with it.  Children misbehave for a multitude of reasons. Whatever the reason may be, parents are often left feeling frustrated, hopeless, and downright angry. No one can push the limits of a parent better than their sweet, beautiful three year old son or daughter. One second the innocent…

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Wooden Playsets, Hoops, & Trampolines Ohio – Choose Swings-n-Things

Wooden Playsets, Trampolines, and Hoops in Ohio - Why choose Swings-n-Things

Wooden Swingsets, Trampolines, and Hoops In Ohio – Why Choose Swings-n-Things? If you are in the market for backyard play equipment to truly transform your property, we would love for you to consider Swings-n-Things in Blue Ash, Ohio.  We have been the premier outdoor funstore since 1993 and have sold thousands of products to our…

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SCREEN TIME – Are technology and screens hurting our children?

Screen Time - Is screen time hurting our children

SCREEN TIME – ON THE RISE AND RISING.  As we move into an increasingly digital age, technology and devices invade every part of our natural lives. Gaming, socializing, education, entertainment, and leisure time all involve one common denominator: screen time. In fact, children between the ages of 8 and 18 spend more than 7 hours…

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Is Helicopter Parenting Destroying your child’s potential?

Is Helicopter Parenting Bad - What is helicopter Parenting - 2019

IS HELICOPTER PARENTING DESTROYING YOUR CHILD’S POTENTIAL? Have you heard of the term “Helicopter Parent”? Parents often feel the need to be involved in almost every aspect of their child’s life.  From health decisions and friendships to school projects and discipline. Of course there are many times a parent should be involved, but other times…

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STEM Toys – Do your Kids Really Need Them?

Stem Toys - A Craze or Just Craze - Swings-n-Things Cincinnati

STEM TOYS – DO YOUR CHILDREN NEED THEM? Today’s advertising for toys is getting pretty convincing. Every toy is geared towards appealing to a child’s educational needs. What parent doesn’t want to advance their child academically, even at the young age of 7 months? In today’s social media and technological driven world, the lines can…

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Things to Do in Cincinnati

Things to do in cincinnati 2019

Things to do in Cincinnati Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden This second oldest zoo in the U.S., considered one of the best in the country, is most renowned for its endangered species and birthing programs, particularly for gorillas and white tigers, and has a wonderful collection of felines and a delightful manatees exhibit. The Zoological…

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