Playset Series Descriptions

With so many playsets to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start.  We've put together a description of each of our series to help you make the right decision. One thing we know for sure is that any Backyard Adventures playset will bring years of enjoyment to your family.  Remember, It's your backyard and their adventure!

The Expedition Series is comprised of four play set designs and comes equipped with many popular features. Expedition play sets are perfect for children of all ages.

  • Pre-packaged kits for easy design
  • Unique options at great prices
  • Deck height 5′
  • Swing height 7 ‘
  • Slide Length 10′


Expedition Series

Our Expedition Series is the most budget-friendly group of top-quality play sets available. Each play set has been thoughtfully designed and carefully crafted to meet your family’s recreational needs. From rock walls and slides, to swings and forts, plus everything in between, your child will experience all the fun of a playground in the safety and convenience of your own backyard. 

Key Features:

    • Most modular
    • Highest quality features
    • Vertical leg design for playhouses, picnic tables, or sand boxes
    • Deck heights 4′ – 8 1/2′
    • Swing heights 8′ – 10′
    • Slide Lengths 10′ – 14′
    • Connect more than one Treehouse with a Bridge

The ADVENTURE TREEHOUSE is an amazing value! Our most versatile base system, The Adventure Treehouse is compatible with almost every accessory in the Backyard Adventures catalog. Try adding the 4-foot Sundeck and the 7-foot Tower to create your own multi-level fort package!

Treehouse Series

Our most popular fort structure, The Olympian Treehouse is compatible with a taller Super Single Beam, making it a great choice for older children! Adding the 5-foot Sundeck and Playhouse Package options will allow for even more space to play. Standing 7 feet tall, our Olympian Tower takes your backyard fun to an all-time high!

The two levels on the Titan Treehouse provide for almost 45 square feet of play space! The highest deck of the main fort allows you to add our tallest accessories, including the 14-foot Rocket Slide, while the Sundeck is perfect for a Gang Plank or Rock Wall.

The Explorer Series is the perfect combination of price and value. The Explorer is a high quality series and comes equipped with many of the same heavy-duty features as the Treehouse and Peak play sets. Our Explorer play sets are perfect for children of all ages.

  • Semi – modular
  • High quality features
  • Deck heights 5′ – 6′
  • Swing heights 8′ – 9′
  • Slide Lengths 10′ – 12′
  • Can add many Treehouse and Peak accessories

Explorer Series

The Backyard Adventures Explorer Series is fondly regarded as the Treehouse and Peak Series’ younger sibling. Its two individual fort structures, The Magellan and The Mountaineer, each come with unique standard accessories.

The Magellan Explorer configuration is an ideal base on which to build your family’s dream play set. The fort’s Wooden Roof features end gables and decorative windows as an added touch. Below, you’ll find a Picnic Table, providing a shady place for children to enjoy snacks. The spacious 5′ deck can be reached by the Standard Ladder on one side and a challenging Rock Wall on the other. Our 10′ Wave Slide is fast, fun and safe, featuring higher sides for smaller riders. Two Belt Swings and a Trapeze Bar are perfect for just “hanging” out!

The Mountaineer Explorer begins with a durable fort and its standard Accessory Arms containing a Rope Ladder, Trapeze Bar, Solid Rock Wall, and Tire Swivel Swing. Other features include the 10′ Wave Slide as well as the 3 Position Swing Beam with two Belt Swings and a Rocket Rider. Customize your Mountaineer play set by outfitting it with your choice of accessories. Might we suggest Telescopes and a Ship’s Wheel for the perfect pirate ship?


The Peak Series is filled with some of our most sought-after accessories and is specially designed to adjust for the uneven terrain of yards that are not perfectly level. The Peak Series is thoughtfully crafted for children and parents to play on together, making it an ideal family play set.

  • Modular design
  • Tarp and Wood Roof options
  • Highest quality features
  • Angled leg design for tire swivel swing
  • Deck heights 5′ – 8 1/2′
  • Swing heights 8′ – 10′
  • Slide Lengths 10′ – 14′

Peak Series

The Peak Series' 6′ X 6′ deck size and expanded ceiling heights make this a perfect play set for you to use alongside your children The series comes standard with our most sought-after climbing options: Rock Wall, Chain Ladder/Flat-Step Ladder Combo, and Accessory Arm with Rope Ladder. Also included with every Peak unit is a Tire Swivel Swing, as well as an accessory arm with a Trapeze Bar. We can help you customize your family’s unique design by adding swing beams, slides, monkey bars, and lofts.

The Olympian Peak is the most popular of The Peak play sets. With the ability to accommodate taller swings and longer slides, you can create your own incredible structure! The Olympian Peak also comes standard with many of our most sought-after accessories.  Included with every Peak unit is a Tire Swivel Swing, as well as an accessory arm with Trapeze Bar. 

The Titan Peak is the tallest of the Peak play sets. It can accommodate our tallest swings and longest slides, including a tube slide!  Many popular accessories come standard on this Peak play set. In comparison to other angle leg swing sets, it’s easy to see The Peak Series’ incredible value. No other angle leg swing set on the market will provide the same combination of durability, reliability, recreational value, and fun.