7 Tips to Ensure Your Child’s Safety at a Sleepover.

Are Your Children safe at sleepovers - 7 tips to ensure their safety

7 TOP TIPS TO ENSURE YOUR CHILDREN’S SAFETY AT SLEEPOVERS As your children move through elementary school, they will eventually start being invited to sleepovers. Most of us adults can remember those fun times we had as children ourselves and don’t want to deprive our own kids of such fun memories and experiences.  However, many…

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Outdoor parks In Cincinnati don’t always meet your needs.

Outdoor Parks in Cincinnati

Outdoor Parks in Cincinnati Don’t Always Meet Your Needs If you always find yourself searching for the perfect outdoor playset in Cincinnati, you aren’t alone. There is no such thing as the perfect park with the perfect playground for your family’s needs.  Without a doubt, your potty-training toddler will have to use the restroom right…

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Earthing. What is it? Do my children need it?

Earthing - What is it and why it is important

WHAT IS EARTHING AND WHY IT IS IMPORTANT FOR YOUR CHILDREN. What is Earthing? “Put your shoes on!” is a demand so often stated when the kids are heading out the door. But what if you had a reason to skip that step and not feel bad about it? The practicing of walking, or playing,…

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Choosing the Right Wooden Swingset

Choosing the Best Wooden Swingset

CHOOSING THE RIGHT WOODEN SWINGSET IN THIS ARTICLE: CHOOSING THE RIGHT SWINGSET WHY RAINBOW SWINGSETS? COMPARING SWINGSETS CHOOSING THE RIGHT SWINGSET The various options for swings are exciting. Most swings move on a single-axis moving only forward and backward. Single-axis swings can be designed to accommodate a wide range of ages, from infants to adults…

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Spring Into Your Rebound

American Eagle Basketball Hoops It’s springtime, and around here, our kids are growing faster than the weeds we’re spotting all over our lawn. It seems like everyone has outgrown their clothes, shoes and even their bedtimes! (Thanks a lot, Daylight Savings Time…) Everyone is anxious to get outside, but this year we were faced with…

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Jump Into The Spring

Vuly Thunder Trampoline This winter was filled with annoying issues: bad drivers, snow-covered walkways, the whine-fest that is bored kids on their fifth consecutive snow day…all minor issues, but annoying nonetheless.   Fortunately, spring is in the air here in the tri-state!  After all the snow, cold and ice, we found ourselves more than ready…

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New Vuly Trampolines

Looking for a way to get your kids outside and active this summer?  A Vuly Thunder or Vuly2 trampoline system from Swings-n-Things is the way to go! Our top-of-the-line, solidly constructed trampolines undergo rigorous safety testing to ensure endless hours of carefree outdoor fun for you and your family. When you buy a trampoline from Swings-n-Things, you…

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