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Choosing the Right Wooden Swingset



The various options for swings are exciting.

Most swings move on a single-axis moving only forward and backward. Single-axis swings can be designed to accommodate a wide range of ages, from infants to adults even. Typical choices are a full bucket seat, half bucket seat, the universal belt seat, and a rigid flat swing seat. Growing ever more common are ADA approved swing seats designed especially for children with disabilities.

A full bucket swing seat is designed for children under 4 years old, as well as the adults who push them. Higher back designs provide additional support for the child and a larger surface for the pusher.

Half bucket swing seats are intended for older toddlers and pre-schoolers who have developed sufficient fine motor skills. This design allows the child freedom to learn the motion of swinging themselves while still providing back support. Usually these will have an optional front safety chain.

Swing for Wooden Swingset

Swing for Wooden Swingset

Belt seats are the most prevalent. Typically made of a flexible rubber, they bend around the swinger, and hold them in place while swinging. These allow for the greatest self-swinging motion of any swing seat.

Flat swing seats, such as a piece of wood or plastic plank, are generally not advised for use on church or school playgrounds. Flat seats increase the chance of injury from of unoccupied swinging swings and do not bend around the swinger to prevent the child sliding off the seat. Added supervision is recommended when flat swing seats are in use.

ADA approved swing seats are designed to offer extra support while swinging. These are available in a variety of styles and meet various needs.

Of course swings aren’t limited to only going back and forth. Multi-axis swings, like the tire swing can spin and swing around. Generally a tire swing is hung from three chains connected to a single swivel hanger. Tire swings accommodate more than one child and offer a more social experience.

A pendulum swing, like a disc swing, can be hung to a swivel hanger using a single chain attached at the center of the disc. The child wraps their legs around the center and is able to spin and swing in a wide circular motion.

Multi-axis swings require a larger space for safe use and should not be mounted next to other swings in the same swing bay.


Swings ignite imagination! One minute your children are fighting medieval dragons and the next they're on a distance planet. Rainbow Swing Sets are a fantastic way to get your kids outside and active! Built to last and withstand the rugged outdoors, our original line of Rainbow Swing Sets are built with 100% Certified Cedar Wood, one of the main reasons our swing sets hold their value so well. Rainbow Swing Sets’ incredible resale value makes them a smart investment for your family!

Rainbow Play set with swings rock wall slide
This year we are adding new designs to our budget-friendly Cedar Collection. All of our cedar swing sets are built from 100% cedar lumber and backed by our exclusive lifetime warranty. Rainbow leads the swing set industry with its Lifetime Warranty coverage! You’ll be amazed by the incredible variety of designs available plus over 100 options to customize each design. We are confident you'll find your family’s perfect swing set in our cedar collection.


Rainbow Swing Sets out-perform the competition in safety and durability each and every time.
Rainbow Play Sets are a once-in-a-lifetime investment in your family's well-being.

100% Cedar Wood.
Rainbow Play Systems GUARANTEES each and every wooden component on our Sunshine, Rainbow, King Kong, and Circus Play Series swing sets.

Test the stability.
Rainbow Swing Sets are solid as a rock.

Adjust for an non-level yard.
Rainbow Play Systems can be adjusted to safely fit non-level yards.

Stained wooden swing sets.
Rainbow hand-selects our lumber then seals it with our unique ten-step water-seal process.

Check the warranty carefully.
Stay away from pro-rated warranties. Rainbow warranties are the very best in the business.

Beware of protruding hardware.
All Rainbow Play Systems hardware is recessed and capped to protect from scratches and snagged clothing.

Never accept a swing set ladder assembled on-site.
Every Rainbow swing set ladder is pre-assembled at our factory using a hydraulic press, much safer than what can be assembled by hand.

Make sure you know which options are included.
Verify the real price for the options shown in the catalog.

Choose steel pipe for your swing set ladders.
Rainbow Play Systems feature durable, vinyl-coated or powder-coated steel pipe rather than wooden dowels that can crack and split.

Avoid vertical climbing swing set features.
Rainbow’s swing set climbing ladders are angled to provide easier, safer climbing.

Top-heavy swing sets are not safe.
Rainbow swing sets are built on a wide base and deck height never exceeds the width of the fort's base.

Avoid non-expandable swing sets.
Rainbow Play Systems are expandable. Your family won't ever outgrow your Rainbow swing set.

Stay away from small swing sets.
A smaller, less expensive swing set only seems like a deal until your children outgrow it.

If shopping for a lumberyard swing set kit, consider design options and your time.
DIY seems like a great savings until you consider how much time you will spend sorting through lumber bins, cutting and drilling, pounding nails, digging holes, and pouring cement. Don't forget to include the cost of tools.

Shopping for a toy store swing set? Inspect it first.
It is very difficult to judge the size and quality of a toy store swing set by simply looking at a photograph.

Shopping online?
Read the fine print.

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