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Goalrilla – 72″ – CV72S (Includes Stabilizer)

Original price was: $3,399.95.Current price is: $2,949.95.

Install Price $499
Backboard Size 72″ x 42″
Pole Size 6×8
Glass Thickness 1/2″
Overhang 48”
Warranty Limited Lifetime. Includes Glass.


What’s Impressive About a Goalrilla CV72S- 72″?

The CV72S is one of the newest additions to the Goalrilla Basketball Hoop family. It used proven designs inspired by earlier Goalrilla Basketball Systems (welded, ultra-wide span arms and a welded steel board frame) to create an unobstructed, clear-view and consistent rebound across the glass. Because it’s a Goalrilla, the CV72S is capable of handling over 1,000 lbs of vertical torque to the rim. It’s built to take on anything you can throw at it. Clear View Technology eliminates the board arms that attach to the center of the backboard, allowing for a clear, unobstructed view through the glass. Clear View board arms connect to the outer edges of the backboard, creating the same look of arena-style basketball hoops and delivering consistent rebound across the entire board. Rugged steel is used throughout our basketball hoops, providing the uncompromising strength of a Goalrilla. To protect this steel, our hoops are covered in powder-coating for ultimate rust and UV protection, maintaining the performance and look of the basketball goal.

  • INCLUDES: Pole pad and Backboard Pad
  • Revolutionary technology that significantly reduces the shake of a basketball goal
  • Goal at regulation height is fully stabilized after a dunk or rebound
  • Maximize practice time by eliminating violent shake that can last up to a minute
  • Experience the pro-style goal performance found in college and high school arenas
  • Clear View tempered glass backboard delivers pro-style look and rebound performance

STBLZR Technology:

Hear the roar of the crowd and feel the electricity as you run out onto your drive.  It will feel like you’re coming out of the locker rooms and through the tunnel of cheerleaders slapping fives with your teammates! The STBLZR Technology provides that real sensation and In-Game experience. Goalrilla hoops deploys the same shake-stabilizing technology that contractor use when construction skyscrapers to prevent movement during Earth Quakes. We challenge you to set off the Richter Scale with one of your dunks! Think you can handle it? Our Goalrilla hoop can.

Utilizing the same technology used to eliminate movement in skyscrapers during earthquakes, STBLZR Technology creates a dramatic improvement in goal stability. The Goalrilla CV with STBLZR Technology simulates the performance of arena-style, pro-level goals, delivering the gym experience in your driveway.

Key Features:

  • Clear-View Technology
  • Ground Anchor System
  • Includes Universal Pole Pad and Backboard Padding
  • Heavy Weighted Flex Rim
*Product features and details may slightly vary


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