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Vuly Lift Pro Lg


Weight 271 lbs
Max User Weight 330 lbs
Coil Count 72
Trampoline Width 12′ 6″
Safety Net Height 5′ 11”
Mat Width 10′ 8″
Trampoline Height 9′ 7″
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The Innovations Of A Vuly Lift Pro Lg

Vuly Trampolines continues to set the standard for backyard fun. Other companies may try to imitate Vuly’s models but they fall short of comparing to the quality, design, and bounce. Vuly gives customers the assurance of all three because they are 3rd party tested giving these products the credibility they fought hard for.

The protective netting that encompasses the Trampoline is a soft and superfine enclosure, gentle on sensitive skin and tested to take a beating from the changing seasons. Easy-to-open door that is quick to self-close. The Vuly Lift Pro goes through vigorous testing to ensure a peak, quality finish. Children and adults alike enjoy that weightless sensation as the trampoline rebounds you towards the moon. As least it might feel like it. Try out one of the very best brands on the market and call us today! 

  • Drain Holes in Padding!
  • Single Wide Entrance!
  • Zero Spring Contact

Amazing Features:

  • Superfine and Gentle Enclosure Net that is soft on sensitive skin
  • Simple Entry and Exit With a Self Closing Door
  • UV Resisten Padding
  • Impact Tested By A Third Party Laboratory
  • Double Galvanized with Matte Black Powder Coating
  • Vuly Only Mat Games
*Product features and details may slightly vary


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