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Vuly Thunder Pro Lg


Weight461 lbs
Max User Weight330 lbs
Leaf Spring Count56
Trampoline Width14′ 4″
Safety Net Height6′ 3”
Mat Width10′ 7″
Trampoline Height9′ 11″


Vuly Thunder Pro Lg is Truly Revolutionary!

Push your bounce to the limit with our Vuly Thunder Pro Lg Trampoline. Winner of the Best Design Award in 2014, these innovative trampolines have shaken the industry and forced other companies to go back to the drawing board. There are other springfree trampolines out of the market but none compare to a Vuly Thunder Pro Lg. Although a few come with zero coils to trap your ankles, the biggest difference is in the angle of the rods. Vuly’s vertically positioned, leaf spring rods are evenly distributed around the frame of the trampoline allowing for a smooth and level bounce. Competitors can also call their trampolines “springfree” but be careful of slanted rods. This tends to slightly twist when bouncing and may be harmful to knees. Protecting our customers well-being is what inspired this pioneering design.


Key Features:

  • Hour Glass Shape Creates Cushioned Side Impacts
  • Vertical Springs for an Even Bounce
  • Less Stress on your Joints
  • Stead-Fast Safety Net
  • No Edge Padding Necessary, Soft Design
  • No Coils
  • One of a Kind Leaf Spring Design
  • Tested for 20,000 Bounces
  • Unlike Competitors, Tests are Conducted by a Third Party
  • No Skin Irritation, Gentle Terylene Material
*Product features and details may slightly vary


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