Vuly Lift Pro XL

$1,449.00 $949.00

Weight313 lbs
Max User Weight330 lbs
Coil Count90
Trampoline Width14′ 2″
Safety Net Height5′ 11”
Mat Width12′ 3″
Trampoline Height9′ 7″



WORLD TALLEST SAFETY NET!                      GENTLE NETTING!                            NO SPRING CONTACT!


Vuly Lift Pro XL

Vuly continues to set the standard in the trampoline industry with the Lift Pro. Other companies honor and tip their hats to the Vuly lift pro by trying to replicate it but fall short of matching to Vuly’s design, bounce, and quality. At first parents are making the purchase for their little ones but always find themselves joining in on the fun. Without the need for any nuts and bolts, assembly has become a breeze with only 8 – 10 unique parts. They are easily connected simply by clicking them together. The Vuly Lift Pro XL is great for any backyard and for children involved in a healthy, active lifestyle! Vuly Trampolines are just what the doctor ordered for restless leg syndrome.   


Key Features: 

  • UV Resistant Padding
  • Highest Weight Capacity
  • 40,000 Test Bounces With Machine
  • Exclusive Vuly Trampoline Mat Games
  • Superfine Netting
  • Tightly Woven Net For Small Fingers and Toes
  • Two-Tiered Spring System



*Product features and details may slightly vary