Vuly Thunder Lg

$1,649.00 $1,049.00

Weight254 lbs
Max User Weight330 lbs
Leaf Spring Count56
Trampoline Width12′
Safety Net Height5′ 11”
Mat Width10′ 4″
Trampoline Height9′ 3″



INNOVATIVE DESIGN!                                AWARD WINNING!                                SPRING-FREE TRAMPOLINE!

Why a Vuly Thunder Lg?

The Vuly Thunder Model exceeds industry standards and stands alone in design. These trampolines are 3rd party tested and are certified for up to 330 lb. You can even watch a video where a small vehicle is suspended above a Vuly Thunder and released. The vehicle free falls onto the top of the trampoline where it only takes a couple seconds for the uniquely designed leaf springs to absorb the shock of the impact. Although these frames are unmovable and can withstand a colossal punch , the ultra-fine stitching on the bounce mat and walls are delicately crafted for children’s sensitive skin! A remarkable product that is fun for everyone.


Key Features:

  • Compact and Sturdy Frame
  • Safe for Fingers and Toes
  • Self-Closing Entrance / Exit
  • Third Party Bounce Tested
  • Springless and Padless
  • No Contact With Outside Poles
*Product features and details may slightly vary