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Weight 568 lbs
Max User Weight 330 lbs
Leaf Spring Count 70
Trampoline Width 16′ 4″
Safety Net Height 6′ 3”
Mat Width 12′ 4″
Trampoline Height 9′ 11″

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Thunder Pro XL + Vuly Hoop + Weed Mat + Shade Cover

Get everything you need in one AMAZING limited time bundle! Get the Vuly Basketball Hoop ($200 Value) , Weed Mat ($149 value)  & Shade Cover ($319 Value) – Then Cherish Years of Awesome Fun!

What Separates a Vuly Thunder Pro XL From the Rest?

The Vuly Thunder Pro comes with the world’s tallest safety net. You can confidently test your limits without the underlying fear of catapulting off of the trampoline. The superfine netting material is ready and waiting to take your rugged bounces. They are impact tested over 20,000 times. This revolutionary springless design took the trampoline industry by storm and changed the way we perceive backyard trampolines. Every customer can trust that Vuly Thunder Pro trampolines are independently tested, which no other company does. What is there to hide? If telling you about the 3rd party testing still doesn’t quite satisfy your doubt, come into our store using a FREE Try Before You Buy pass and test the products out for yourself!


Key Features:

  • Full Length, Self-Closing Entrance / Exit
  • No Springs
  • Soft Terylene Enclosure
  • Interactive Trampoline Games on Mat
  • No-Contact Net Poles
  • Safety Skirt for the Frame
  • Robust Metal Fame
  • No Twisting Rebound Like Other Springless Trampolines

Vuly Basketball Hoop

Vuly’s best-selling accessory, the Vuly Basketball Set allows players to practice shooting hoops and slam dunks all while bouncing on their Vuly trampolines. Featuring a breakaway, soft-cushion rim, the rim automatically resets after a dunk while keeping the players’ hands safe. Simply connect the set to the top of your trampoline by removing the end cap of the net pole and start playing right with the included mini basketball and inflating pump and needle. The Basketball Set is compatible with all Vuly trampolines and the 360 Swingset (requires an adapter for the 360 Pro, which is sold separately). A special adapter is required for compatibility with the Vuly Ultra and Sky Zone trampolines.

Add hours of safe fun

Slam dunk into a hoop that’s flexible and impact-absorbing.

Have a trampoline? Boost your balance

Shoot hoops and bounce at the same time; it can do wonders for motor skills.

Play together

Go head-to-head to see who is the ultimate basketball champion.

Have a swing set? Transform your backyard

Use your whole outdoor space and start scoring those three-pointers.

*Product features and details may slightly vary


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