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Thunder is the world's strongest trampoline. Designed by an all-Australian team of industrial design and safety experts, Thunder has the best bounce of any recreational trampoline in existence.

The new technology in Vuly Thunder trampolines has never been experienced in a backyard trampoline before now....



HexVex Game Mat


Not Your Typical Springs


The Safest Trampoline Enclosure



Trampoline Tent


Camp on your trampoline – off of the ground, safely inside your safety net.  Camping is so much fun!

10'- $199.00

12'- $225.00

14'- $249.00

Basketball Hoop


Basketball has never been this fun!  Flying slam-dunks with our ultra-safe trampoline basketball hoop.


Vuly Deck

Vuly Deck

Pull off sick tricks while bouncing on your trampoline! Designed for American kids who want maximum flex and height.


Weed Mat

weed mat

Prevent weeds and long grass from growing beneath your Vuly Trampoline.



Medium - 10'


Ideal for big backyards and jumpers of all ages!

Financing Available!

Jump Mat Diameter:   8'3"

Frame Diameter:  9'7"

Leaf Spring Count:  42

Large - 12'


Great for the whole family & large yards!

Financing Available!

Jump Mat Diameter:   10'7"

Frame Diameter:  11'9"

Leaf Spring Count:  56

Extra-Large - 14'


The most jumping space available!

Financing Available!

Jump Mat Diameter:   12'6"

Frame Diameter:  13'11"

Leaf Spring Count:  70



5 Star Customer Review

"I am a physician and have been against trampolines for years. My kids finally wore me down, but I wanted to do it on my terms. I researched for probably 2 weeks on which trampoline had the best design, safety, and spring. We finally settled on the THUNDER. This trampoline took my 13 year old daughter and I less than an hour to put this together without any tools other than the spring grasper that was provided."


Tanya Says, "We have owned our Vuly trampoline for about 6 years. We have four children who have regularly used the trampoline on a daily basis. Our trampoline frame and mat are original and are showing little sign of wear and tear. We have had to purchase a replacement mat and nets, however, the ongoing service provided by Vuly was fantastic. We look forward to many more years of happiness from our Vuly trampoline."


Vuly Deck


More Information

Swings-n-Things is Cincinnati's Premier Dealer for Backyard Fun!

This year, you will see many trampolines for sale, but Swings-n-Things is committed to providing only the highest quality, safest kids’ trampolines for your family. That’s why, for your recreational enjoyment, Swings-n-Things is proud to carry the Vuly Thunder Trampoline!

Simply put, if you are looking to purchase a kids’ trampoline, the Vuly Thunder Trampoline is the top choice for safety, durability and maximum fun.


The Vuly Thunder Trampoline sets the industry standard in safety features.

Unlike cheaper brands, The Vuly Thunder is a springless trampoline, meaning there are no dangerous coil springs to cut, pinch and tangle your little jumpers. The Vuly Thunder also boasts the safest trampoline enclosure on the market. Jumpers won’t get grazed or injured when jumping into the net as they might on ordinary trampolines.

The Vuly Thunder Trampoline provides maximum bounce for your jump.

Vuly’s patented Leaf Springs make use of the same technology used in heavy truck suspension systems. You’ll get more bounce with less effort than you would with a coil-spring counterpart. What’s more, the Leaf Springs provide a lateral bounce that’s easier on the joints, not to mention safer.


The Vuly Thunder Trampoline is built to last.

With a strong rust, crack and scratch-resistant frame, The Vuly Thunder Trampoline is a durable, quality product, designed for a lifetime of heavy use with minimal wear.
If you’re looking for trampolines for kids to enjoy this summer, Swings-n-Things’ Vuly Thunder Trampoline is second to none!

Top 10 Things to do on a Vuly Thunder Trampoline...other than jump!

10. Exercise! The Vuly Thunder round tramp is a great way to keep your kids active and moving year-round. It even doubles as a low-impact cardiovascular workout to help mom and dad shave off those unwanted pounds—all while having fun!

9. Camp out! Who needs a tent? Your Vuly Thunder trampoline makes the perfect place to lie down and star gaze on a clear night.

8. Dance Party! Choose your family’s favorite tunes and rock out on the Vuly Thunder at your instant dance party!

7. Perfect your Slam Dunk! With Vuly Thunder’s exclusive Basketball Set, anyone can dunk like an NBA pro!

6. Play Twister! Use the designs printed on the Vuly Thunder’s bounce surface to create your own Twister Game! With the trampoline’s bouncy surface, there will be plenty of laughs, wobbling and falling down. But, because it’s a tramp with enclosures that features Vuly’s specially engineered Leaf Springs, there’s no worry about anyone falling off or falling through.

5. Science and Math Lessons! Take a hands-on approach to science and math while having a blast on your trampoline. Calculate the radius and perimeter of your round tramp while you play! Conduct experiments covering acceleration, force and gravity—among other topics—all while jumping! STEM lessons have never been so fun!

4. Sports Practice! Vuly Thunder trampolines are a natural choice for athletes. Cheerleaders can use it to work on their jumps, while skateboarders can perfect their tricks using our exclusive Vuly Deck. Practice layups for basketball season, leaps for dance class or stay conditioned year-round for your sport of choice!

3. Play with your Toddler! A round tramp with enclosures is the ideal place to play with your toddler! Roll a ball back and forth without it rolling away, let her run and jump without worrying about nasty falls on the hard ground, play games using the pictures on the bounce surface….and when she’s worn out, the Vuly Thunder is a great place for you both to stretch out and rest together.

2. Make your own Fort! Using The Vuly Thunder’s specially designed Trampoline Tent, you can create your very own round tramp clubhouse in minutes! It’s like getting two toys in one!

1. Make Memories! Your friends and family will love making lasting memories on your very own Vuly Thunder trampoline. Childhood is short and the Vuly Thunder helps you seize the small window of opportunity to fill it with learning, activity and fun. And because Vuly Thunder trampolines are built to last, you are guaranteed many years of enjoyment and a lifetime of happy memories!


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