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Why Goalsetter Basketball Goals?

Goalsetter Basketball Hoops is a domestic company and are manufactured and assembled from American made steel. When something is American made you can be assured it's built with integrity and grit. Goalsetter Hoops have a few features that allow it to stand alone in the industry. These hoops have a patented design on the In-Ground anchor hinge system making installation quick and painless. It just locks into place and all you need to do is tilt the pole upright until your hoops stands straight and firm. Other companies use j-bolts causing what should be a smooth installation extra time, effort, and energy.


The internal jack system is the other unique feature of a Goalsetter Basketball Hoop. This internal jack allows this hoop to go lower than the competition on the market. The Goalsetter Hoop can drop from 10' all the way down to 6' where as the competitors hoops only allow it to drop down to 7.5'.  This is done by using the simple and easy hand crank allowing children all ages to play the game they love!

Show Your School Spirit With Customizable Pole Pads

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• Custom High School Teams and Logo




• Have a favorite College Basketball Team? Show them off proudly with a custom printed pole pad with name and logo!

Hinge Anchor

Ground Anchor Hinge System



Off-Set Pole Design

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Internal Jack, Easy Hand Crank

Offset Pole

Fully Tempered Glass Backboard