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Rainbow Playsets Cincinnati

Rainbow Spring Free Trampolines

Cutting Edge Springless Trampolines provide unrivaled safety & fun!



What Makes Rainbow Springless Trampolines So Awesome?


Traditional trampoline springs can present a safety hazard to your family. Jumpers can slide in between the sharp edges of the coils, land in awkward positions, and experience uneven bounces that can cause whiplash and other problems. Springless, or springfree, trampolines avoid these issues entirely thanks to their unique designs that don’t use coils at all. Instead they use overlapping rows of rods made of strong, elastic materials such as fiberglass (or aircraft-grade aluminum in R14’s case!). These rods attach to a hidden frame beneath the trampoline mat instead of to its side like a traditional coil, which means it’s actually impossible for bouncers to be hurt by the coils at all! Springless designs also produce a more even bounce profile across the surface of the trampoline, so jumpers on the edges of the trampoline can enjoy a safe, consistent experience that won’t cause whiplash.

Maximum Strength

Heavy-duty steel frame construction, aircraft-grade aluminum bounce rods, and a tough UV-resistant, waterproof polypropylene mat ensure that the R14 can outlast its 10-year manufacturer’s warranty with ease. The included ladder, basketball hoop, and safety netting can stand up to years of use and provide your family with hours of fun. We at Swings-n-Things don’t just sell you products, we also support you through the lifetime of your purchase and honor your warranty on our playsets, basketball hoops, and trampolines too!

Unrivaled Safety

Although many families beware of traditional trampolines, springfree models can provide a much safer experience thanks to their consistent bounce profiles, coilless designs where the moving parts hide safely under the trampoline mat, and strong safety netting. Held in place by tension, the steel support rods are located on the opposite side of the netting from the jumping area, so jumpers are never in danger of accidentally collapsing the netting or hurting themselves on the frame. Finally, the exceptionally low center of gravity trampoline from tipping over due to unusually powerful bounces. The Rainbow R14 is a trampoline even your grandmother could enjoy!

Years of Fun

One trampoline can provide countless opportunities for play! Get exercise and improve fitness as you bounce on the Rainbow R14. Be a basketball dunkmaster and get huge air with the included hoop. Or play Twister, charades, and even make up your own games! Trampolines spark creativity in kids and adults alike, and the incredible safety features of springfree models ensure the fun never stops!

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