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Looking to buy a playset? You have to read this first! We've compiled the definitive guide on buying the best outdoor wooden playset!

Definitive Wooden Playset Buyers Guide

Looking to buy an outdoor wooden playset? Stop…. Make sure to read this guide first! From build quality to warranties and more there are many pitfalls in making a solid choice. Fortunately, we’ve done the digging to bring you the best outdoor wooden playsets on the market.

How to Choose the Best Wooden Playset for Your Backyard

When you’re ready to buy a wooden playset for your children, safety, quality and durability should be at the top of your list of considerations (as I’m sure you know). 

Not only do you want a playset that will provide endless hours of fun, but you also want one that will keep your children safe and last for years to come. 

First, I’ll discuss why wood is the safer choice for playsets compared to plastic/vinyl or metal. 

Next, I’ll go over why wood is best for standing up to time, weather and other onslaughts.

Along the way, you’ll learn more about the different types of wood playsets are made from and the downsides of vinyl playsets.

Finally, I’ll discuss the factors you should consider before buying a wooden playset, including maintenance, customization, and warranties.

The Safer Playset Material

I’m sure you’ll agree that safety is the most important factor when it comes to kids’ play equipment, and wooden playsets have a lot of safety advantages over other materials like vinyl or metal. 

Cedar wood is well-known for its resistance to rust, corrosion, and splintering. Wood doesn't heat up as much as plastic or metal under the sun so there’s minimal risk of burning when it’s hot out. 

Wood is non-toxic so it’s safer when kids come into contact with those parts of the playset. Wooden playsets have more safety features that make them a great choice for your backyard, such as non-slip surfaces, rounded edges, and secure railings. 

These features greatly lower the risk of accidents and injuries, so you can relax while your kids are having fun. 

Wooden playsets are also sturdy and stable for your children to play on- and can withstand weather and the rough play you know your kids can dish out. 

Before moving on to the advantages of wooden playsets, let’s talk about vinyl/plastic playsets.


You’ll probably come across plastic and/or vinyl playsets as you search for your perfect playset, but backyard playsets made from those synthetic materials have several disadvantages including durability, safety, aesthetics, and other factors. 

Here are some potential drawbacks to consider:

  • Durability

    1. Weathering: Plastic and vinyl playsets can degrade over time due to exposure to sunlight, extreme temperatures, and other weather conditions. Fading, cracking, and warping can happen which affects the playset’s structural integrity and safety. 
    2. Wear and Tear: Plastic and vinyl materials might not hold up well to rough play which can lead to potential breakdowns, loose parts, and potential hazards.
  • Safety 

    1. Stability: Plastic and vinyl playsets can be more unstable than those made from more robust materials like wood or metal which increases the risk of tipping over during play, especially if the playset isn't properly anchored.
    2. Weight Limits: The number of kids who can play on a plastic and vinyl playset is probably fewer due to lower weight limits compared to playsets built with sturdier materials.
    3. Potential for Sharp Edges: Vinyl or plastic playsets can develop dangerously sharp edges over time due to wear and tear. 
  • Aesthetics

    1. Appearance: Wooden playsets have an aesthetic appeal that plastic or vinyl just doesn’t have – wood just looks better and blends nicely into natural backyard settings. 
    2. Limited Customization: Plastic and vinyl playsets might have fewer customization options like design, colors, and extra features. 
  • Environmental Impact

    1. Material Longevity: Since plastic and vinyl playsets aren’t as durable as wooden playsets, that means a shorter lifespan for the playset. 
    2. Recyclability: Some plastics and vinyls can be recycled but they might not recycle as easily as other materials like wood.  This can have a bigger environmental impact when it gets to the end of its life cycle.
  • Maintenance
    1. Cleaning Challenges: Plastic and vinyl playsets need more frequent cleaning and maintenance to prevent mold, mildew, and dirt buildup, which means more work to keep it looking nice.
    2. Limited Repair Options: It’s more challenging to fix broken/damaged plastic and vinyl parts than to repair wooden or metal parts. 
  • Long-Term Value

    1. Resale Value: A plastic or vinyl playset might have a lower resale value than more durable wooden playsets if you ever need to sell it.
    2. While safety, durability, and long-term value should be your top priority when deciding what kind of playset to buy, you need to weigh in those other factors, too. 

Now that we’ve talked about the disadvantages of vinyl or plastic woodsets, let’s move on to the many awesome benefits of wooden playsets.

Wooden Playsets – how durable?

When you buy a playset, you want it to stand the test of time and be there for ALL your kids to outgrow. 

Wooden playsets are known for their durability and longevity because wood is naturally strong and resilient- ideal for making outdoor play equipment that lasts- just what you’re looking for.

When you combine this with good construction techniques and regular maintenance, you’ve got a winning combination for your backyard playset.

  • Naturally Strong and Sturdy

    • Since wood is inherently strong and sturdy it provides a solid foundation for playsets. If it’s properly treated and assembled, wooden playsets can stand up to all the kinds active play, climbing, swinging, and sliding your kids can dish out – over the long haul. 
  • Resistance to Wear and Tear

    • A high-quality wooden playset can hold up under the wear and tear from weather and active play because the structure of wood allows it to handle impact, weight, and movement without significant damage, making it a durable choice long-term.
  • Decay and Insect Resistance

    • Some types of wood like cedar and redwood have natural properties making them resistant to decay and the damage caused by insects and pests, which helps prevent structural weakening over time so your playset stays safe and functional.
  • Weather Endurance

    • When properly treated and maintained, wooden playsets can withstand exposure to different weather conditions, including sunlight, rain, and even snow. If your playset is properly sealed and stained, just occasional refinishing can help protect the wood from moisture, which helps keep warping, splitting, and rotting at bay.
  • Customization and Repair

    • If a specific component of your wooden playset gets damaged or worn out, you can replace or repair it without compromising the entire structure, which helps your playset last even longer.
  • Maintenance Practices
    • As we’ve seen, regular maintenance is crucial for a longer lasting playset. You can apply sealants, stains, or protective coatings  to protect the wood from moisture and the elements. Be sure to inspect your playset for any signs of wear, like splintering or loose bolts, so you can nip any problems in the bud. 
    • The combination of wood's natural strength, resistance to decay, and adaptability for customization and repair makes wooden playsets last much longer than other types of playsets. 
    • By selecting high-quality materials, following proper construction practices, and maintaining the playset over time, families can enjoy years of outdoor fun and entertainment.

Grows with your kids

Many wooden playsets have adjustable features, like swing heights and modular components, so you can adapt it to your kids as their interests and abilities grow. 

Wooden playsets offer a combination of safety features and long-lasting durability that make them an excellent choice for your backyard. 

Take your time to research and select a wooden playset that meets your family's needs and then enjoy watching your children create lasting memories on their new playset. 

So, if you’re considering buying a wooden playset, here are some things to consider...

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Wooden Playset

Once you’ve decided on a wooden playset versus vinyl, plastic or metal, there are several things to keep in mind. 

From safety to quality of materials, each factor has an important role in making a great play experience for your kids-while keeping them safe.

As you’ve seen, the quality of materials used in the construction of a wooden playset directly impacts its durability and longevity. Opting for high-grade cedar wood ensures a sturdy and long-lasting playset that can withstand various weather conditions and resist insect damage. 

Unlike other types of wood, cedar is naturally resistant to decay and warping, making it a great choice for outdoor playsets.

Some wooden playsets are made with cedar, and some with redwood, so I’ve included a comparison of the properties of the two types of wood:

Cedar vs. Redwood Playsets: A Comparison

  • Durability

    • Both cedar and redwood playsets are quite durable. Grown in harsh conditions, cedar is sturdy and resistant to warping, and while redwood is similarly durable, it does cost a bit more.
  • Sustainability

    • Both redwood and cedar playsets are a good choice since wood adheres to eco-friendly standards and reduces waste over time.  Moisture prevention during wet seasons and covering your in sub-zero temperatures will help your playset last even longer.
  • Aesthetics

    • Redwood has a reddish tint, while cedar shows a yellow hue. Choose the one that looks best to you but  both need to be properly maintained to keep the wood from developing a silverish shade. 

Industry-standard Cedar vs Manufactured Cedar Timber

You should know the difference between industry-standard cedar and manufactured cedar timber.

Industry-standard cedar is known for its superior quality and durability, as it’s sourced from sustainably managed forests, but manufactured cedar timber may be more cost-effective but doesn’t have the same level of durability and longevity as industry-standard cedar. 

Here’s the difference between the two:

  • Industry-standard Cedar

    • "Industry-standard cedar" refers to a specific grade or quality of cedar wood that’s widely recognized and accepted within the industry for many construction and woodworking applications. It meets specific standards and criteria in terms of appearance, durability, and other characteristics.
    • When it’s used for construction, siding, decking, roofing, and other outdoor applications, industry-standard cedar strikes a balance between visual appeal, durability, and cost-effectiveness. 
  • Manufactured Cedar Timber

    • “Manufactured cedar timber” means those wood products derived from cedar but that have undergone processing for improved usability and durability. 
    • For example, cedar lumber, shingles, and shakes are used for roofing, siding, and construction, and manufactured cedar is also commonly used for cedar decking, fencing materials, and furniture. Usually it goes through cutting, shaping, and sometimes wood treatments-depending on how it’s going to be used.
    • Industry-standard cedar is the best choice to ensure the highest quality wooden playset for your children.

Construction and Design

Because the construction and design of your wooden playset is crucial to its stability and functionality, you should look for a well-constructed playset with sturdy joints and bolts, reinforced swings, secure climbing structures, and properly positioned play accessories. 

Make sure the playset has rounded edges and smooth surfaces to minimize the risk of injuries to your kids.

Size and Space Requirements

Before you buy your wooden playset, measure the area where it will go in your backyard to make sure it fits and there’s enough room for your kids to play around it safely. 

Find out the playset’s specs to find the dimensions and recommended clearance space so you get the right size.

Customizability and Expandability

You can even customize and expand your playset – and many manufacturers offe that option so you can tailor it to your kids and yard. 

You’ll also want to look for playsets you can easily modify with accessories and features as your kids grow older to keep them excited about using the playset.

With so many options to choose from, whether it’s pirate-themed additions, swings, slides, monkey bars, or even climbing walls, you can customize with unique paint colors, decorative elements and even personalized nameplates. 

Expand your playset vertically with multi-level platforms, forts and turrets or expand outwards with features like a sandbox, picnic area and a garden patch.

You can even add roofs, canopies, and curtains for shade and privacy, and features like telescopes, steering wheels, and banners will spark your kids’ imaginations.

While you’re modifying your playset, remember that any customizations or expansions should follow recommended safety guidelines and standards.

Age Appropriate Features

When you’re picking out your wooden playset, keep in mind your kids’ age range and make sure the features are age-appropriate. Look for lower swings and toddler-friendly slides for your younger ones, and for your older children think about larger climbing structures and more challenging features.  

Wood Playset Price Ranges

High-end wooden playsets can vary widely in price and depend on size, features, materials, brand reputation, and whether you’re going to customize. 

Think about your budget and decide which features and quality are most important for your family. 

While higher-priced playsets are often more durable and have more features, there are also more affordable options out there that are still safe and of great quality.

  • $2,500 - $4,000: In this range, you can find high-quality wooden playsets with multiple play features, such as swings, slides, climbing walls, and small platforms with customization options and premium wood materials.
  • $4,000 - $6,000: Playsets in this range often have larger structures, more intricate designs, and extra features like multiple slides, forts, or themed elements, and can include accessories like sandboxes, picnic areas, and more elaborate climbing structures.
  • $6,000 and above: At this price point, you'll find luxury playsets with lots of features and more customization options, and often even more advanced elements like zip lines, multiple levels, bridges, and unique designs. These playsets might be handcrafted, offer high-end wood options, and come with premium warranties.

Keep in mind that the actual price depends on the specific playset you're considering, the manufacturer, your location, and any additional accessories or customizations you choose. 

Research and compare different brands and models to find the playset that best fits your budget and the features you your kids want.

Resale Value

High-quality wooden playsets tend to keep their value over time which makes them a worthwhile investment. Choosing a reputable brand and maintaining your playset well can increase the likelihood of getting the best resale price should you ever have to part with it.

Manufacturer's Warranty vs Dealer's Warranty

Typically, manufacturers offer warranties covering structural integrity and defects in materials or workmanship and vary in terms of how long and what they cover. 

It's common to find warranties ranging from 1 to 10 years but some manufacturers offer lifetime warranties on specific components.  There are manufacturer’s and dealer’s warranties - some warranties are only offered at the dealership level, and aren’t offered by the manufacturer. 

A manufacturer's warranty usually covers any defects or issues with the playset itself, while a dealer's warranty might offer additional services like installation assistance or maintenance support. 

Review and compare the warranties so you can make an informed decision and you’re clear on what’s covered- and by who.

Installation and Maintenance

While some playsets can be assembled by the buyer, some playsets might require a professional to install. It’s a good idea to ask what the recommended maintenance practices are, such as periodic staining or sealing, to keep your playset in its best shape.

Wooden playset owners on Reddit recently gave to new playset owners. Here are some of the major points:

  • Professional Installation and Anchoring: They recommended hiring a professional installer, depending on how complicated the set up seems, and proper anchoring is a must to prevent tipping and damage during high winds. 
  • Maintenance and Staining: Wooden playsets require periodic maintenance like staining, and for  wooden playsets, they recommended touch ups as needed and entirely re-staining it every year or two to help resist weathering. 
  • Layout and Organization: Before putting your playset together, take the time to lay out and organize every piece by type, which streamlines the assembly process and prevents confusion.
  • Consider Brand and Quality: Gorilla brand playsets got a lot of positive feedback for quality. Compare deals and packages, especially if you’re buying from retailers like Costco, where you can often find good deals.
  • Additional Hands and Time: When it’s time to assemble your playset, have an extra set of hands (or two!) which come in handy (sorry!) for holding parts in place while they’re being fastened. 

Budget a little more time than you think you’ll need, although most Redditors found the process to be straightforward.

  • Customization and Expansion: You can combine multiple playsets to have an even larger play area. Rig sets together to create an extended and engaging play space for your kids.
  • Consider Logistics: Ask about the delivery process, especially if you’re using freight services. If it’s available, opt for delivery to your house rather than the driveway so you don’t have to lug it as far.


Last, don't forget to read customer reviews and ratings of the playsets you are considering. As we saw from the Redditors, real-life experiences shared by other parents can provide valuable insights into the quality, safety, and overall satisfaction with a particular playset. 

By taking the time to research and read reviews on sites such as Amazon, Reddit, Google, Yelp, can help you make a well-informed decision. 

Make memories at home & Not at the neighbors house.

It happened again.

You went to pick your kids up from their playdate at their friend’s house (you know the ones - the friends with ALL the best toys).

But they were having WAY too much fun on their backyard playset and begged you to stay awhile longer – just ONE more hour!

After you finally coaxed them off the playset - with a promise of a pit stop to get their favorite ice cream - they demanded to know “Why WE don’t have a playset like Grayson and Chloe?!”

They jabbered endlessly about the slides, the climbing wall and the cool fort that was really high up! And that rope ladder! And the slides! And then they asked the one question you knew was coming:
Why don’t WE have one?!?

You have to admit, they were having a blast at Chloe’s – blowing off that extra energy and getting some good exercise in too.

But it’s getting to be a PITA being your kids’ Taxi Driver three times a week – and that’s just to Chloe’s!

You imagine your kids having a blast on their own playset and calling you the world’s greatest Mom EVER!

Not to mention the time and gas you’ll save NOT shuttling them to Chloe’s.
That clinches it. You’re going to buy a playset with all the bells and whistles…. want to get the right one, and you want it to be SAFE. You’re not quite sure how to shop for one and you want to do your homework, even if your kids are telling you EXACTLY which one you need to buy, like Right NOW!

I know, finding the right wooden playset for your kids can seem like trying to buy the right car, considering the wide variety available – and they can be spendy too.

And...what if they don’t like it? You want your kid’s friends to be just as wowed as your kids were when they come over to play.'s not just about fun and games, it's also about safety, quality, and durability. After all, you want a playset that will withstand the test of time, weather, and of course, stand up to the kind of play you know your kids can dish out.

In our previous article, How to Choose the Best Wooden Playset, we showed why it’s so important to choose a quality wooden playset over playsets made with other materials, and the factors you should consider when choosing a quality wooden playset.

So if you haven’t read it yet – pop on over – I’ll wait.

So now that you’ve learned why wooden playsets are superior to other materials, and what you should look for in a wooden playset, I’ll familiarize you with the top wooden playset brands and give you an overview of each manufacturer and their playsets, and information about their warranties.

There are several top brands known for their high-quality wooden playsets: Woodplay, Playground One, Tree Frogs, Backyard Adventures, Gorilla Playsets and Rainbow Playsets. They offer some of the best options in terms of quality, durability, and play value.

The best playset for your backyard will ultimately depend on your specific needs and preferences...and what your kids are begging you for.


Read an in-depth analysis on the top brands in outdoor play!



Playground One!, headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, was established in 2004 and specializes in customizable wooden playsets. They offer online customization and ordering, allowing customers to select a local installer. The company lacks a physical showroom, as its physical address is a mailbox in a UPS Store.  Playground One! is under the ownership of China Knight Express, LLC, which imports playsets from China to dealers across the US. Since the manufacturer doesn’t have a showroom, playset models can be viewed at local dealer showrooms, mainly in Georgia and the eastern US.

Playground One! Key Features:

Playground One! prides itself on being a safe playground equipment company that prioritizes children's well-being and memorable childhood experiences. They use 100% solid beam Pacific Cedar, which is strong and naturally resists fungus and pests, eliminating the need for toxic chemical coatings – so your playset lasts longer. They make their playsets with multi-beam joint connections and corrosion-resistant hot-dipped galvanized steel hardware for stability and strength across different climates. Pinch-free swings, non-slip grips, and reinforced slides are designed to prevent injuries, which together enhance the integrity, safety, and longevity of their playsets.

  • Pacific Cedar Known for its natural strength and durability
  • Massive Solid Beam Construction Resists warping and cracking
  • Interlocking Multi-Beam Joint Construction Reduces any type of dangerous sway
  • Oxidized Hot Dipped Galvanized Hardware No rust to cut or scrape kids

Playground One! Options:

Playground One! offers 2 series of wooden playsets; the select series, and the premier series - that further breakdown into 7 variations depending on your needs.

Playground One! Classic Fort Combo 2 - Playset Buyers Guide

Their “Select Series”: Untouched Quality for the Value”

Part of their Select Series, the Classic Fort Combo 2 showcases value and affordability and retails for $3998

Playground One! Extreme Playcenter Combo 2 - Playset Buyers Guide

Their “Premium Series” features: thicker beams, extra long swing beam, greater headroom, beefier ladder and a-frame legs, wider play deck boards, a framed rockwall, and larger commercial grade hardware.

The Extreme Playcenter Combo 2 is a “total activity center” is a playset in their Premium Series, and retails at $11,198.00.

Playground One! Warranty:

Playground One! provides a ten-year limited warranty to ensure playset integrity and functionality:


  • Structural Components: Protects wooden components from corrosion, wood rot, or insect damage for ten years from purchase.
  • Inclusions: Covers repairs or replacements, contingent on proper installation and residential non-commercial use.
  • Manufacturer's Role: Playground One! ships repaired parts prepaid by customers to the handling showroom.

Warranty Exclusions

Natural Characteristics: Excludes weather-related peeling, splintering, checks, cracks, knotholes, and knots not causing structural failure. Cosmetic defects, non-functional plastic cracks, surface rust, and fading are not defects if they don't affect playset function.

Warranty Considerations

  • Residential Use Only: Warranty applies solely to residential use, void if used non-residentially.
  • Claim Process: Manufacturer may need evidence like photos before processing claims.
  • Limitations: Abuse, negligence, improper installation, vandalism, weather, alteration, or attachment to other equipment void warranty. Moving the playset or incidental/consequential damages aren't covered.

Since their start in 1975, Woodplay - headquartered in Evansville, IN - has maintained its position as a trustworthy industry leader and calls itself "the original wooden swing set company". They've been selling playsets for nearly 50 years- you can see their playsets at their showroom in Evansville, or at one of their dealer's many showrooms scattered across the country. You can order playsets and accessories on their website and choose a local dealer and installer. There's also a printable online catalog pdf you can request by filling out a form on their website.

Woodplay Key Features:

Woodplay offers premium lumber playsets, combining innovative designs with top safety standards. Operating under the Woodplay Playsets and Jack & June brands, they prioritize safety, quality, and imaginative play. With such a diverse range, including the Outback, Playhouse, Safari, Mega Set, and Space Saver series, Woodplay's playsets can grow with your kids.

Their DIY option, "Jack & June," presents modern finish, rot-resistant cedar lumber, adherence to ASTM Standards, and includes swings and accessories. The Haven Outdoor Playset from Jack & June fosters active play and creativity, featuring slides, entry points, a variety of deck heights, swings, telescope, steering wheel, rock climbing wall, ladder, and safety handles.

Key features include:

  • Cedar Lumber: Naturally resistant to decay, insects, and fungus; no harsh chemicals required.
  • Big Beam Lumber: Strong, stable, and decay-resistant.
  • Triple Joint Construction: Ensures stability and durability.
  • ASTM Membership: Woodplay adheres to industry safety standards.
  • Safety Enhancements: No-slip grips, padded rail cushion, and curved edges for protection.
  • Chemical-Free: Cedar wood's inherent qualities resist decay and insects without harmful chemicals.

Woodplay's commitment to excellence, safety, and enduring quality makes them a reliable choice if you’re looking long-lasting and engaging playsets for your kids.

Woodplay Playsets Options:

Woodplay offers 4 series of wooden playsets including a DIY home build kit for those looking to avoid paying for installation, or, are on a tighter budget.

Woodplay Playsets - The Haven Playset from Jack & June - Playset Buyers Guide

Woodplay has a DIY option, one of which is the Haven Playset from Jack & June which retails at $1,799.00.

With this DIY option, you can choose from either 4 foot or 8 foot slides. It’s made of cedar and features include two belt swings, a telescope, steering wheel, fireman’s pole, and a rock climbing wall with climbing rope. All swing hardware and chains are included. Some features can even be purchased separately.

Woodplay’s 7' Outback XL Combo 3

Woodplay’s 7' Outback XL Combo 3 Featuring a Super slide, monkey bars, bucket swing, and more Retails at $8,249.99.

Woodplay’s 7' Outback XL Combo 3 deck height Combo features original Woodplay® angled ladders and base design that creates more play area under the deck. Features include a slide, swingbeam, monkey climber, skybox, hurricane slide, safety handles, racing wheel, telescope, trapeze, two belt swings, and one toddler bucket swing. With better stability, it’s great if you have an uneven or sloping yard and lots of kids.

Woodplay Playsets Warranty:

Woodplay offers a 5-year warranty and a limited lifetime warranty to ensure playset quality and durability.


5-Year Warranty

  • Coverage: Woodplay guarantees items like chains, swing hangers, seats, hardware, ropes, and accessories against defects for five years, contingent upon proper installation and residential use.
  • Exclusions: Cracks in non-functional plastic components not affecting functionality are not deemed defects. Covered merchandise will be repaired or replaced by Woodplay, excluding labor and freight.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

  • Coverage: Woodplay pledges structural integrity of wooden components against corrosion, wood rot, or insect infestation throughout the playset's lifetime. Natural traits like checks, cracks, and knots that don't induce structural failure are exempt.
  • Swing Hangers, Chains, and Hardware: Woodplay ensures swing hangers, chains, metal braces, rungs, or hardware replacement in case of breakage, excluding surface rust.
  • Slides: This warranty extends to exclusive slides – Super Slide, Hurricane Slide, and Alpine Slide.

Warranty Exclusions and Special Considerations

  • Timber Characteristics: Wood's natural attributes may cause slight distortion under specific conditions due to moisture absorption and release. Seasonal shrinkage and checks during dry weather are normal.
  • Stain or Sealant Application: Applying non-toxic stain or sealant after the first year preserves wood integrity and safety.- Non-Residential Use: Warranty is valid solely for residential purposes, becoming void otherwise.
  • Normal Wear and Tear: Warranty excludes wear, fading, misuse, abuse, vandalism, alteration, acts of nature, and improper assembly/maintenance.
  • Responsibility and Supervision: Parents are responsible for supervising play and periodic equipment maintenance to ensure safety.

Established in 1994, Tree Frogs’ factory is in Houston, Texas and is open 7 days a week. They have a showroom with indoor and outdoor display areas and functional showrooms where your kids can use their play sets, swing sets, rock walls, slides, basketball goals, trampolines (they sell those too!). They deliver nationwide and offer installation.

Treefrogs Swingsets Key Features:

Tree Frogs has developed their own line of swingsets out of chemical-free, natural premium lumber  from certified mills that have sustained yield forest management, with 100% of the cedar and redwood used in Tree Frog Swing coming from sustainable forests.

Their swingsets are well-constructed, with no dangerous metal protrusions, and are even strong enough to support heavy adults. Support gussets are notched for superior strength, and they recess their hardware for safety to keep the playset looking beautiful last for years outdoors.

Key features include:

  • 100% Redwood & Cedar Lumber

Tree Frogs swing sets are built with chemically free, natural premium lumber which come from certified mills that have sustained yield forest management. Both redwood and cedar are naturally resistant to insects, decay and unlikely to warp or twist. And, because all of our lumber is chemical free and from sustainable forests, it’s not only healthy for families but the world in which they play. Designed for years of birthday parties, play dates and backyard family fun. Tree Frogs swingsets are built to last with a solid warranty to back them up.

Treefrog Playsets Options:

Tree Frogs has two categories of swingsets: “Ladder Base” and “Fort Base”.

Ladder Base
Tree Frogs’ Ladder Base playsets feature 360 degree swivel tire swings, (2) climbing ladders, super flared roofs, and rope ladders, and are the best for uneven or sloped yards.

Fort Base
Tree Frogs’ Fort Base playsets are designed to have either a picnic table, playhouse, or sandbox on the lower level.

Parrot Island Playcenter XL Wood Roof Treehouse Panels and Green Scoop Slide

Tree Frogs’ ladder base Parrot Island Playcenter XL w/ Wood Roof, Treehouse Panels and Green Scoop Slide features a 24 Square Foot Deck, Rockwall w/Multi-Color Rocks, Rope Swing w/Disc, Treehouse Panels, Telescope, and a Wooden Step/Rung Combo Ladder and lists for $6,085.00.

Parrot Island Fort XL w Wood Roof & Snack Bar

This fort based playset list price is $6,011.00 and includes a 20 Sq. Ft. Deck, Trapeze w/Rings, Rockwall w/Rope, Tic-Tac-Toe Panel and a Ship’s Wheel Telescope.

Treefrog Playsets Warranty:

The Tree Frogs Limited Lifetime Warranty covers structural failure to ensure your playset's quality and longevity.


Tree Frogs has a comprehensive warranty to ensure both structural integrity and customer contentment. Their Limited Lifetime Warranty extends to Cedar components against warping, rot, insects, or decay, and varies from 5 to 10 years based on the series, with additional limited coverage for specific components like slides, swing hangers, and more.

Warranty Exclusions

  • Natural Characteristics: The warranty does not apply to non-structural elements like wood cracks, knots, fading, and weathering.
  • Surface Imperfections: Surface rust, fading, weathering, and minor coatings issues not affecting structural integrity are not covered.

Warranty Considerations

  • Warranty Claim Process: Tree Frogs may inspect parts and require the original invoice for claims.
  • Limitations: The warranty is valid for original retail purchasers and residential use only. Non-residential use, damages from abuse, neglect, alterations, improper installation, and more are excluded.
  • Legal Rights: The warranty provides specific legal rights, which may vary by state.

Canton, Georgia based Gorilla Playsets has been in the playset business since 1993. They were founded on the premise that a residential playset should feature high quality wood components, have durable playset accessories, include all necessary hardware, have clear easy-to-understand instructions, and be affordable.

Gorilla features ready-to-assemble swing sets, quality lumber, and emphasizes playset safety, and they offer installation on many of their models in most areas.

Gorilla Playsets Key Features:

Each Gorilla swingset is pre-drilled, pre-stained and pre-sanded so there’s no prep-work for you to do. All of their swingsets can be built using everyday tools, with no special tools required- each beam is pre-drilled and their sets come with all hardware you’ll need.


Everything you need is included in your play set kit at your time of purchase, including hardware. A manual is also included to help you during set up. We try to answer all of your questions before you even ask!

Each swingset is pre-drilled, pre-stained and pre-sanded to eliminate any prep-work for you! All of our swingsets can be built using everyday tools! No special tools are required, since each beam is pre-drilled and the swing sets come with all hardware you will need. A list of the required tools needed can be found here.

If you prefer to let us assist you with the play set build, Gorilla Playsets can send a representative to your home for a hassle-free installation. Find out more about the installation process and locate your local installer here.


Gorilla playsets are built with choice grade, quality lumber to keep your playset healthy and safe for many years!

All lumber is hand-selected for its strength and durability. Find out more about our lumber here.


Your child's safety is important to us, that's why Gorilla Playsets is the industry leader when it comes to safety and innovation!

Features such as safety coated swing chains, commercial grade hardware, wide and flat ladder steps, self-reinforced slides, and 4x6 swing beams have made our swing sets some of the safest available. Find out more about how we're keeping your kids safe here.

Gorilla Playset Options

Gorilla makes it very simple to pick what you need with 3 basic categories: small, medium, and large.

Smalle Gorilla Playset - Gorilla Buyers Guide

Gorilla has a good variety of Small swingsets which are priced under $2,000. Their sets start at $1,199.00 for their High Point II Swing Set and go up to $1,899.00 for their Double Down II Swing Set

Gorilla Medium Playset - Wooden Playset Buyers Guide

Gorilla has 12 sets in their Medium Swingsets category with a variety of options that start at almost $2000 and go up to around $4,000. Their Chateau Tower Swing Set on the low end of the range starts at $1959 and their Mountaineer W/ Sky Loft Swing Set at the upper end starts at $3,399.

Gorilla Large Playset - Wooden Playset Buyers Guide

At the bottom of the Large Swingset range, the Homestead Swing Set starts at $2,799.00 and comes with a standard swing beam and Alpine Wave Slide. At the top of the range is the Empire Extreme Swing Set which retails at $7,999 and includes a rock wall with climbing rope, three slides, three decks and monkey bars.

Gorilla Playsets Warranty:

Backyard PlayNation, LLC, known for their Gorilla brand swing sets, offers a comprehensive warranty that guarantees the durability and quality of their products, offering lifetime coverage on above ground wood components and warranties on various other components. Here’s an overview of the Gorilla Playsets Warranty, including coverage, exclusions.


  • Above Ground Wood Components:  all above ground wood components against defects in workmanship and materials for the lifetime of the product if purchased through and installed by an authorized Gorilla Dealer Showroom. For purchases and installations outside of authorized showrooms, the warranty covers 10 years on above ground wood components.
  • Non-Wood Components: Non-wood components such as plastics, hardware, swings, tarps, ropes, etc., are warranted for 2 years if purchased through and installed by an authorized Gorilla Dealer Showroom. For purchases and installations outside of authorized showrooms, the warranty covers 1 year.
  • Slides: All slides are warranted for the lifetime of the product.
  • Other Products: Additional products such as the Basic Swing Set, Children's Picnic Table, Play-Zee-Bo™, and more are warranted for 1 year. Separately purchased accessories have a one-year limited warranty.

Warranty Exclusions

  • The Gorilla Playsets Warranty doesn’t cover cosmetic imperfections, natural tendencies of wood, wood rot or decay resulting from poor drainage, damage caused by wood boring bees, fading of stain, discoloration, mold, mildew, cracks in plastic components, surface rust on hardware, or chips on powder-coated materials unless they affect functionality or structural integrity.
  • Lack of proper maintenance, including staining and regular inspections, might also void the warranty.

Warranty Considerations

  • Warranty Claim Process: Claims require proof of purchase and verification of the defect, which may be done through photographs or by delivering the defective part to Backyard PlayNation, LLC.
  • Product Usage: The warranty is valid for residential, single-family dwelling use only. Commercial, institutional, or multi-family settings void the warranty.
  • Limitations: The warranty doesn't cover normal wear and tear, damages caused by acts of God or nature, negligence, unauthorized modifications or repairs, labor costs, or shipping expenses for replacement products.

Canton, Georgia based Gorilla Playsets has been in the playset business since 1993. They were founded on the premise that a residential playset should feature high quality wood components, have durable playset accessories, include all necessary hardware, have clear easy-to-understand instructions, and be affordable.

Gorilla features ready-to-assemble swing sets, quality lumber, and emphasizes playset safety, and they offer installation on many of their models in most areas.

Backyard Adventure's Playsets Key Features:

Their latest Treehouse Peak Series features swing sets with premium forts, swings, and customizable options. With prices ranging from $2,500 to $50,000+, Backyard Adventures playsets are available through reliable dealers across the country. They even have an online playset designer to help you craft the ideal playset for your backyard and budget.

Backyard Adventures stands out by offering playsets with endless configuration possibilities, lots of accessories, and unique safety features.

Backyard Adventures Playset Options

Backyard Adventures offers six categories of backyard swing sets and backyard playsets for you to choose from:

Treehouse wooden swing sets are Backyard Adventures’ most customizable backyard swing sets, made with the highest quality materials and designs, and come standard with their limited lifetime warranty. Treehouse playsets are made for you and your kids to play together and can be combined to create multi-level forts for kids of all ages.

Peak backyard playsets are modular in design and come standard with their most popular features like rock walls and tire swivel swings. They are the largest play system they make and pair perfectly with the tallest Loft with large tube slides and giant swings.

Outlook swing sets are high quality, modular play systems designed for children of all ages. Outlook backyard playsets can be custom designed with a single fort or multiple play areas. The all new hybrid style Outlook has both a lower playhouse and a tire swivel swing, which is a Backyard Adventures exclusive design. Outlook swing sets are covered by our limited lifetime warranty.

Summit wooden swing sets are made with high quality materials and construction and great for kids of all ages to climb, swing, and slide. They include their most popular features like rock walls and tire swivel swings, with a two-toned stain that brings out the natural beauty of cedar wood.

Hybrid and bridged playsets include their most unique swing set designs available. These combine the two basic styles of swing sets, square base and angled base, into one system so your family can enjoy a playhouse or picnic table right next to a tire swivel swing. Bridged swing sets are built with the 8' long Adventure Bridge and you can combine two or more fort structures into endless designs.

Space Saver playsets might be smaller, but they don’t compromise on play value. Most of the same features and accessories used in their larger playsets are available in this more compact design. These swing sets can include rock walls, picnic tables, gang planks, and sandboxes without increasing your space requirements and fit in almost any back yard.

The Backyard Adventures Warranty

Backyard Adventures offers a comprehensive warranty that covers wood components, hardware, slides, and accessories. This warranty summary will give you an overview of the Backyard Adventures warranty, including coverage, exclusions, and important considerations for both residential and limited non-residential use.


Limited Lifetime Warranty

  • Coverage: All above-ground wood components, Rocket Slides, powder-coated steel components, and hardware are covered by a limited lifetime warranty against rot, decay, and defects in workmanship and materials that affect the structural integrity.
  • Remedy: In case of any rot, decay, or defects during the warranty period, Backyard Adventures will repair, replace, or refund the product, at their discretion, after inspecting the alleged defect or reviewing photographs.
  • Exclusions: Cosmetic defects, wood buried below ground level, damages due to environmental factors, improper installation, and acts of nature are not covered under this warranty.

5-Year Warranty

  • Coverage: All parts not mentioned in the limited lifetime warranty are covered by a 5-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Remedy: Backyard Adventures will remedy any defects during the warranty period by repairing, replacing, or refunding the product, as deemed appropriate, after inspecting the alleged defect or reviewing photographs.
  • Exclusions: Similar to the limited lifetime warranty, cosmetic defects, wood buried below ground level, damages due to environmental factors, improper installation, and acts of nature are not covered.

Additional Warranty Coverage

  • First 30 Days: Backyard Adventures will replace any missing or damaged parts discovered within the first 30 days from the date of purchase.
  • Maintenance: Regular maintenance is required to ensure maximum life and performance of the product. Failure to maintain the playset according to the provided guidelines may void the warranty.

Warranty Exclusions

  • Labor and Incidental Damages: The warranty doesn’t cover labor costs, incidental or consequential damages.
  • Cosmetic Flaws: Cosmetic flaws that don’t affect performance or integrity, such as surface scratches, minor chips, or color fade, aren’t covered.

Warranty Considerations

  • Non-Residential Use: The warranty applies to residential use only. Limited non-residential use is allowed under specific conditions, such as home daycares, churches, and pre-schools with limited student populations, subject to approval by Backyard Adventures.
  • Unauthorized Modifications: Any modifications made to the original product void the warranty, and Backyard Adventures assumes no liability for modified products or resulting consequences.
  • Public Use Prohibition: Backyard Adventures playsets aren’t intended for unsupervised public settings, and using them in such settings will void the warranty.

Established in 1985, Rainbow has over 37 years of experience building extraordinary outdoor wooden playsets. Their safety features and best-in-the-industry warranty are second to none.

Rainbow Playsystems has been building fun and safe playsets since 1985 and is based in Brookings, South Dakota, where they design, build and test their playsets in their 675,000 ft facility. Their safety features and warranty are considered best in the industry.

Rainbow has over 200 showroom locations around the world where you can find the best playset for your family. You can customize options within your budget, explore slides, monkey bars, and climbing walls, and your kids can try their playsets firsthand—swings, slides, and play with all the fun options to find their favorites.

Rainbow Playsets Key Features:

Since Rainbow’s goal is to keep your kids safe, they make their playsets with top-quality materials including 100% Cedar Lumber and design their swing sets and accessories for stability and safety, featuring recessed hardware and safety caps. Each swing set undergoes rigorous testing before it gets to your backyard.

Rainbow offers versatile swing set options, including solutions for uneven backyards, thanks to their Exclusive Triple Bracket System that adapts to any unlevel ground. Their cedar swing sets are built to last, combining durability with natural resistance to decay. Rainbow is committed to sustainability, sourcing SFI Certified lumber and planting five trees for every one harvested.


Built with quality materials our free standing wooden Playsets are the sturdiest and longest lasting in the world.


The structural integrity of our playsets keep your child’s safety in the forefront. Explore our unmatched safety features.


Professional delivery and installation is available nationwide so you can enjoy your playset without the hassle of setting it up.

Rainbow Playset Options

Rainbow offers playsets in two main categories: the Rainbow castle series, and the Rainbow clubhouse series.

Rainbow Play has castle-themed outdoor wooden swing sets, complete with slides. Their spacious open play designs offer kids plenty of room for climbing, sliding, and swinging. They’re a great choice for uneven backyards and adapt to just about any play area.

Rainbow’s Castle playsets range over six types, from the Fiesta Castle with a 4’x5’ deck size with a height of 4’ 10” to the King Kong Castle swing and slide set that has a  7’ 2” deck height, 10.5’ swing beam height, and 14’ Safety Scoop Slide.

Rainbow’s Backyard Clubhouse Playsets have a traditional silhouette, making it the best Rainbow Play outdoor playset for compact yards.

Rainbow’s Clubhouse playsets also come in a range of six types, from Fiesta on up to the King Kong Castle.

The Rainbow Swingset Warranty

Rainbow Play Systems offers exceptional warranty coverage and is unique in that it’s a manufacturer’s warranty, so you have more than just a dealer’s warranty. Let's dive into the details of the Rainbow Play Systems Warranty, highlighting its key features, inclusions, exclusions


Lifetime Warranty

  • Structural Integrity: Lifetime coverage for all Cunninghamia Cedar lumber components, guaranteeing their resilience against structural failure.
  • Specific Components: Lifetime warranty on Wave Slides, Scoop Slides, Super Scoop Slides, Spiral Slides, Crawl Tunnels, Crow's Nests, Panel Mounts, Commercial Swing Hangers, Rainbow Plaque, 360º Tire Swivel, Super Duty Tire Swivel, Structural Hardware, and Plastisol Coated Rungs.

5-Year Warranty

  • Various Components: Five-year coverage for Tarps, Ship's Wheel, Binoculars, Telescope, Periscope, and other specified items.
  • Swing Components: Chains, Chain Ladders, Sky Curve Swing, Web Swing, Tire Swings, Swing Seats, and more.
  • Powder Coated Steel Components: Five-year warranty on Corkscrew Climbers, Fireman Poles, Chin Up Bars, Grab-N-Go Bars, Swing Beam Plates, 90º Brackets, 45º Brackets, T-Brackets, Safety Handles, Ladder Handles, Ladder Rungs, Monkey Bar Rungs, and Ship Bell.
  • Rainbow Ropes and Flags: Covered for two years.

Warranty Exclusions

  • The Rainbow Play Systems Warranty doesn’t cover natural imperfections of wood, cosmetic cracks, color fading of plastic components, surface rust on hardware or metal components, incidental or consequential damages, or using a residential unit in a commercial playground setting.

Warranty Considerations

  • Rainbow doesn't authorize any entity to provide other warranties, and no other warranty, including for merchantability or fitness for use, replaces this exclusive warranty from Rainbow Play Systems, Inc. directly to the original purchaser.

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