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Earthing. What is it? Do my children need it?

Earthing - What is it and why it is important


What is Earthing?

“Put your shoes on!” is a demand so often stated when the kids are heading out the door. But what if you had a reason to skip that step and not feel bad about it? The practicing of walking, or playing, outside with no shoes on is known as “earthing.” Let your kids get their feet dirty and reap the benefits of this practice that has existed since the beginning of time.

Essentially, "earthing" is the belief that the earth provides energy via open contact with the surface of the earth.

Why is Earthing Important?

According to The Earthing Institute, humans are unique in the world due to their lack of connectivity to the earth. Vibrating throughout the planet are electrons that are very subtly keeping landmasses, oceans, plants and animals in rhythm. Humans used to be a part of this list too, except lifestyle changes have kept us from being connected to the earth and receiving its energy. The inner turmoil that is caused by chemicals and radiation, to name a few, that humans are constantly being exposed to can be neutralized with earthing.

Those proponents of earthing claim the lack of it in today’s society is why disease and chronic illnesses have been increasing so rapidly. Ever wonder why you are so relaxed at the beach? There is a good chance it’s because your shoes are off and you’re fully connected to the earth. Earthing decreases anxiety, defuses inflammation, increases energy and improves sleep!

What do I need to do?

Experts say all you need to remain connected to the earth and receive its energy is 30 minutes a day of barefoot time on the ground. For children, playing in the mud, building a sand castle, running in the grass or climbing up and down a swing set will get those electrons transferred from earth to child. The benefits of earthing in children mimic those in adults, but especially enhance their self-regulation and sleep patterns. How often do your kids wake up at night? Is your child struggling with focus and emotional outbursts? Some may believe having your child connect to the earth may calm them and help regulate their emotions as well as get a good night’s sleep.

Try it for yourself!

Not fully convinced? Well, even the most skeptical of us can agree being outdoors and in nature has a calming effect on most adults. And in children? Playing outside fosters creativity, problem solving skills and curiosity. Compared to screen time which only requires the use of a child’s ears and eyes, the great outdoors uses all 5 senses to process one’s surroundings. As a child’s brain is developing, this stimulation is crucial for fully promoting the growth and connections that are being formed.

So next time you take your family out to play, ditch the shoes. In a few weeks, you may notice a change in you, and your family’s, wellbeing and happiness!


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