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Rainbow R14 Springless Trampoline vs Springfree™ Jumbo Square

Kids Jumping on Rainbow R14 Trampoline

Rainbow Springless Trampoline vs Springfree™ Trampoline

Springless trampolines have rapidly become the first choice for families due to their safety advantages over traditional trampolines. Landing on metal coils, falling through the trampoline net, bumping into safety poles, and especially getting whiplash from uneven bounces; these are all scary possibilities that traditional coil trampolines can’t eliminate. But springless trampolines can eliminate all of those problems due to their design which replaces the coils with vertical rods that sit underneath the bouncing surface, allowing room for better safety nets and generating a perfectly vertical, even bounce. You can even safely join your kids on a springless trampoline so everyone has fun!

But not all springless trampolines are equal. Here at Swings-n-Things we recently began stocking the Rainbow Springless Trampoline over the Springfree™ line due to the greater surface area, better rods, and other advantages we found. The Rainbow Springless trampoline, or Rainbow R14, is a new product from Rainbow Play that combines many of the best features of older springless trampolines to deliver a highly competitive product.


Looking over the tech specs of the Rainbow R14 vs its direct competitor, the Springfree Jumbo Square, reveals that the R14 has 20% more surface area. With the special no-gap connection between the safety net and the mat, you can utilize the entire area of the mat for jumping and never have to worry about falling onto the edge!

Model/Feature   Rainbow R14   Springfree™ Jumbo Square
Mat Surface Area   188 ft2   155 ft2
Rod Material
  Aircraft-grade aluminum   Composite
Frame Material   Heavy-duty steel   Steel
Jumper Weight Rating   220 lbs   220 lbs
Structural Load Capacity   1000 lbs   1100 lbs
Total Height   9 ft   9.2 ft
Mat Material   Polypropylene   SoftEdge™
Warranty   10 years frame and rods   10 years
Sun Protection   UV-Resistant   UV-Resistant

Additionally, the strong aluminum rods mean that there can never be a ground impact on the Rainbow R14 Trampoline. In comparison to the Springfree’s fiberglass composite rods, the R14’s metal rods maintain their appearance for longer when subjected to the wear and tear of outdoor weather.

Springfree Composite Rods

Springfree Composite Rods

Rainbow R14 Aluminum Rods

Rainbow R14 Aluminum Rods







Support and Installation

Unlike the Springfree™ Jumbo Square, Rainbow R14 sets come standard with a ladder, anchor, and basketball hoop+basketball. These included extras mean you and your family can quickly start enjoying your trampoline without having to run back to the store. Additionally, at Swings-n-Things we offer complete installation and delivery, so you don’t have to lift a finger to get your trampoline set up and ready to play! We also service the warranty on all of our Rainbow products so you’ll never be left hanging when you need help with your trampoline. We can repair tears, replace components, or deliver a new product depending on your needs so you never have to call Rainbow directly and wait for them to send a service technician to your area. The Jumbo Square has a 10-year warranty on all parts of the trampoline in comparison to the R14 which only has a 10-year warranty on the frame and rods. However, because we service the R14’s warranty right here at Swings-n-Things, you’ll never have an issue getting your product repaired even outside the warranty period.

If you want to install the Rainbow R14 yourself, the easy-to-assemble frame combined with the zipper connection means that construction and attaching the safety net to the mat only takes about an hour for a single person.


Final Thoughts

The Rainbow R14 is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a square springfree trampoline with tons of surface area. With 20% more surface area than competitors’ products like the Springfree™ Jumbo Square in addition to aircraft-grade aluminum rods that resist wear, the R14 can provide your entire family with decades of fun. And if you're considering the R14, stop by Swings-n-Things' showroom and try before you buy!


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