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Vuly Trampolines for 2020

Vuly Thunder Trampolines are a great 2020 addition to your Backyard!

This winter was filled with annoying issues: bad drivers, snow-covered walkways, the whine-fest that is bored kids on their fifth consecutive snow day…all minor issues, but annoying nonetheless.
Fortunately, spring is in the air here in the tri-state!  After all the snow, cold and ice, we found ourselves more than ready to head outside for some healthy, active play.  But wait...there’s an issue.  While we all want take advantage of the beautiful weather, my kids miss the indoor jumping fun they had all winter at Run Jump-n-Play.  Fortunately, there’s an easy fix for this issue: our very own Vuly Thunder Trampoline!

With a Vuly Thunder Trampoline in the privacy of our own backyard, we have all the fun of an indoor jump arena but we still get to enjoy the beautiful weather.  Even better, having our own Vuly Thunder brings the jumping to doesn’t get any more convenient or issue-free than that!  (Unless you count the planting and mulching I’ll have to do while my kids and their friends jump the afternoon away…)  While we’ll still head to Run Jump-n-Play on rainy days, having a Vuly Thunder Trampoline means the kids never miss a day of fun just because the adults in the house have other issues to deal with.

At our house, we are happy to bid good riddance to winter and the many annoying issues that come along with it. With a new Vuly Thunder Trampoline in your backyard, we know you’ll feel that way, too!

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