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American Eagle Basketball Hoops

It’s springtime, and around here, our kids are growing faster than the weeds we’re spotting all over our lawn. It seems like everyone has outgrown their clothes, shoes and even their bedtimes! (Thanks a lot, Daylight Savings Time…) Everyone is anxious to get outside, but this year we were faced with a conundrum: what do we do with our active kids who insist they’re “too big” for the playground but who are still too young to go on unsupervised adventures around the neighborhood?

We play basketball, of course!

An American Eagle Basketball Hoop installed at home is the perfect solution for our growing family. With models to fit every family, yard and budget, we had no trouble finding the best hoop for our “big” kids. What’s more, our kids can play solo, with their friends, and even with us…although they’ve accused us of being “too old” to keep up with them!

Our American Eagle Basketball Hoop has already been a lifesaver this year. It’s the one recreational investment we’re certain our brood will never outgrow.


We are so pleased with our American Eagle Hoop!  It was the most robust hoop system we found when we shopped for one. Great backboard action.  Great times with my son and daughter.

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