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Fun Outdoor Activities for Fall | Swings-n-Things

Fun Outdoor Activities for Fall

Fun Outdoor Activities for Fall

Fall is a wonderful time to be outdoors! It isn’t the rainy Spring unpredictable weather, it isn’t the sweltering heat of Summer, and it isn’t the bone-chilling days of Winter. You and the family can comfortably go outside in a long-sleeved tee or a light comfortable jacket. There are no spring allergies to worry about, barely any insects, a yard full of crunchy leaves, and a sky full of a bright autumn sun! Besides raking these said leaves and jumping in big piles of them, what else is there for the family to do? What fun fall activities and outdoor play activities can you get into? Let’s explore some of the top activities that the whole family can enjoy.


A trampoline is fun for the entire family. It provides ample exercise, and probably the most fun way to get athletic! The best part is almost any age, any size/height can participate. The trampolines we provide are from Vuly. They are super safe, durable, and well made, and we have seven different styles to choose from. You can also use it year-round as you can have the cover placed on top to keep out heat/cold, create a fort with your family, etc. You can check them out here.

Swing Sets

Swings sets are much cooler and much more fun than they used to be! Especially the Rainbow swing sets. They come in a variety of sizes, styles, and provide various add-ons depending on your kids’ ages, preferences, hobbies, etc. You can have anything from a rock-climbing wall, to a built-in “playhouse”, to a tire swing, and can have it be big enough for the entire family to use at once. Swing sets also provide great exercise, hours and hours of play, and a way for the family to never be bored as you can do so many different things on a custom created swing set. You can see all the incredible styles here, and if there is something you want to see that you don’t…ask! We can make them customized to fit your needs.

Basketball Hoops

One of the best things about basketball is when the temperature is a crisp 50-60 degrees like fall often is, you can work up a sweat shooting hoops and be able to play for hours on end! Basketball hoops are an excellent addition to your home because you have the option to play solo doing some trick shots, playing with a sibling or friend and having a one-on-one battle, or having full basketball teams and going head-to-head all from the comfort of your home. Some wouldn’t think something as simple as a basketball hoop would be worth the investment, but it is a highly desired fall activity, and also helps raise the value of your home if you ever decide to sell! The most highly recommended hoop is the Goalrilla basketball hoop which we have available here.  We have nine different styles to choose from as well as a number of accessories from LED basketball hoop lights, heavy weight flex rims, universal backboard pads, and 9-inch anchor systems, all found here.

Another brand of basketball hoops that is also highly recommended is the Goalsetter brand of basketball hoops. Goalsetter Hoops have many features that allow them to stand alone in the industry. These hoops have a patented design on the In-Ground anchor hinge system making installation quick and painless. The anchor hinge just locks into place and all you need to do is tilt the pole upright until your hoop stands straight and firm. You can check those out here.

Fall Food Fun

With all of these ideas in mind, be sure to incorporate all the fun fall eats! Roast some s’mores as you do some trampoline jumping. Have a autumn backyard BBQ with roasted apples on the grill for dessert, and enjoy watching the kids play on their new swing set. Munch on some caramel apples as a post-basketball game treat. Whatever you and your family enjoy doing for your fall activities, remember to keep Swings-n-Things in mind! We are here to help make your home your place of fun.


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