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Christmas Gifts for Kids

Christmas Gifts for Kids

Christmas Gifts for Kids

This is the wonderful time of year when your kids begin getting their Christmas lists together. Or—maybe you are ready to take on some Black Friday Specials! Either way it’s presented to you, this is the prime time to start thinking about what your kids should get for Christmas. Given this year is unique with the way 2020 has gone so far, you may not have as many in-store options for shopping depending on where you live. That being said, Swings-n-Things is always ready and waiting with just a click of the mouse or a phone call away to get your kids something that may have always dreamed of having!

Rainbow Swing Sets

Swing sets have come a very long way since we were little. They aren’t just your standard one swing and maybe a slide set. The Rainbow Swing Sets are completely customizable to your family’s needs, and better yet, are perfect for ages zero up to their teen years! For the little ones, get a full bucket swing attached and a deluxe glider or sandbox. For the bigger kids, get the monkey bars, sky curve swing or the club rock wall. For the preteens to teens, try out the ninja warrior kit. For the parents or grandparents, attached a beautifully crafted double lawn swing to swing while reading, sipping coffee, or sitting with one of the little ones. Most families have kids with a range of ages, so to get one big gift like this and present it on Christmas morning? Talk about PRICELESS! They can use it for years and years, and even you as a parent can join in on the fun and enjoy watching them play for hours on end right in the comfort of your own backyard. This is a perfect gift for Christmas because you can easily get it installed while the kids are in their final week of school right before the holiday break and have them come home to this awesome surprise! Want to see all you can build and customize? Check it out here.


One thing every parent wants is their child to be active and healthy. Believe it or not—having a trampoline at home increases family health by 30%! Jumping is one of the best exercises you can do as it works the entire body. If you want to get fancier and do flips and rolls, even better! The more you do, the more calories you burn. Given that the pandemic has caused many of us to remain at home and maybe put on a few pounds, having a trampoline is THE best Christmas gift for not just your kids…but for the entire family! Get the entire family fit and have fun with a trampoline out back. Unsure about a trampoline in the colder months? Swings-n-Things offers the Thunder trampoline which can also have a trampoline tent! The family can camp out in it, and also stay warmer. With that in mind, this is the perfect gift to use all year round. With leap springs to give you full support and better bounce and the ultra-protective enclosure, it also ensures the highest level of safety so you don’t need to worry about any trampoline accidents. The Vuly Thunder Trampoline would make the ultimate gift, and someone everyone will say was the best thing “under the tree” this year! Watch the video and learn more here.

Basketball Hoops

There is nothing more classic than a basketball hoop, but not just any hoop…the Goalrilla and Goalsetter hoops! Give your family the best of the best when it comes to shooting baskets, and build memories, have the greatest one-on-one games, and get the whole family onto your court! A basketball hoop as a Christmas gift is super exciting. Like the swing set, get it installed while your kids are at school, and see their faces light up as they see the coolest hoop when they get off the bus! Want to learn more? Check the Goalsetter out here, and the Goalrilla out here.


Christmas gifts come in all shapes and sizes, but there is nothing like a group gift the entire family can love. Surprise everyone this year with the gifts that keep on giving, and, have pandemic-safe ordering and installation! See all we offer at:


With Specialized financing on the Goalrilla Hoops, Vuly Trampolines, Rainbow Playsets, and Goalsetter Trampolines.

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